Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jordan Lemmon candidate for Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 5.

I graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2013 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a focus on Special Education. Since then I have worked primarily in the educational and performing arts fields while also taking temporary employment with companies such as Amazon and the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind. I am currently employed as a Theatre Supervisor and Technician working toward joining IATSE Local 15.

I believe my greatest skill is an ability to work with others to achieve larger goals than I am capable alone. Understanding different perspectives, compiling research, and presenting reasonable plans for achieving those goals is my top priority on any team. When I am presented with a problem, I seek out solutions by contacting those with the knowledge and resources to provide desirable outcomes benefiting all involved. Far too often I see those around me get caught up in minor disputes that can derail the larger goals they wish to achieve, acting as a voice of reason I work toward not compromise but instead mutually satisfying outcomes.

Why am I running for this office?

When I was made aware there was a significant disparity between the number of candidates running for the 5th position on the Port of Seattle commission compared to the race for the 2nd position I decided it was important to promote voting in the election and encourage turnout in preparation for the 2020 election cycle. I believe I bring a different demographic to the political spectrum and can provide new perspective on issues important to voters of all backgrounds. Elections of all sizes should promote engagement from the available voter base of King County and I believe my involvement can positively influence that.

I seek to address how the Port of Seattle can continue to remain a powerhouse and job creator in the Puget Sound while respecting the environment and stimulating positive change for the areas surrounding our ports. I believe we can expand our ports while reducing and improving the effect an increase in traffic through our waterways has on their ecosystem. By working with businesses of all sizes in and surrounding the ports we have the opportunity to make the area a clean, quiet, and welcoming place for residents and tourists to enjoy. 

My Campaign Strategy

 My primary campaign goal is to encourage as much involvement in the 2019 election as possible by the eligible voter population. I hope that seeing someone of my age and background running for an office which is voted on by every eligible voter in King County will have a positive effect on future elections. The more impact I have on the current election, the more likely it will be that people eligible to run for office will. 

As much as I am able, I plan to engage with the voter base of King County and expand it. Through events, speaking opportunities, and any other avenue that presents itself, I would like to see and speak with those who have been disillusioned with the political system. The more influence I have on increasing the number of voters, the more likely I can make 2019’s election turnout high and the 2020 election significantly more impactful. 

 Thank you for considering supporting Jordan Lemmon's campaign for 

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 5